Assorted Fantasia Concepts
Shawn witt concerthall

This image was created to support an early narrative idea where the player was reconstructing a run-down concert hall as they progressed through the story. This image represented the initial run-down state.

Shawn witt moodlake 2ways

This is an early style exploration, rendering similar scenes in a painterly style reminiscent of the mid-20th century Disney movies and also in a flat, graphic style.

Shawn witt spiritdesert

This is an early concept of a "Spirit Desert" world, which we eventually built for a demo, but did not ship in the final game.

Shawn witt cosmos

This is an early concept of a space world with dueling nebulae.

Shawn witt arttest

This is a prop concept we used as the basis of a modeling and texturing test while evaluating outsource houses.

Assorted Fantasia Concepts

These are a small portion of the concepts I created while working on Fantasia: Music Evolved.

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