Rock Band VR: Derek
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Rock Band VR: Derek

Real-time character model and textures for the front-man of the player's band in Rock Band VR. In addition to designing and concepting this character, I also modeled and textured his head, hair, body, and clothing. The accessories (bracelets and necklace) were outsourced and his guitar was worked on by a few different artists, with a bit of polish by myself at the very end.

All assets aside from the jacket started as a hipoly sculpt in ZBrush, retopo-ed/UV'd in Max or Maya, and textured in Substance Painter. The jacket started in Marvelous Designer, then was detailed and distressed in ZBrush, retopo-ed and UV'd in Max, and textured in Substance. The renders aside from the hipoly were taken in Marmoset Toolbag 3. The whole character with guitar is around 33k triangles.

More artwork
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