Rock Band VR Clothing
Shawn witt wesjacket 03
Shawn witt wesjacket 04
Shawn witt wesjacket 02
Shawn witt wesjacket 01
Shawn witt derekjacket 02
Shawn witt derekjacket 01
Shawn witt derekjacket wireframe
Shawn witt wesjacket wireframe
Rock Band VR Clothing

Here are some shots of clothing assets I modeled for Rock Band VR. I had the opportunity to learn Marvelous Designer over the course of the project. I ended up using Marvelous Designer to create the base garments with most of the large wrinkles intact. I then brought the meshes into ZBrush, where I added finer wrinkle details and custom seams. The assets were then retopologized in 3ds Max and textured in Substance Painter. These renders are from Substance Painter. The tri count for these assets is around 5k.

More artwork
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