Scout Concept Process
Shawn witt scout final

Here's the final approved concept.

Shawn witt scoutcaps

Screencaps of the in-game model.

Shawn witt roughsketch

This was the very first sketch of Scout. Her initial concept was somewhere in the 10-12 age range, while her final design ended up older.

Shawn witt outfitvariations

These are a bunch of outfit concepts
from before her personality was decided upon, so the outfits and accompanying poses explore a range of personality types.

Shawn witt robe variations

These are a bunch of variations on the exact fit of the modded apprentice robe. It's meant to be the same type of robe that Mickey wears in Sorcerer's Apprentice, but with the twist that Scout has modified her garment to suit her style.

Shawn witt hat variations

Here's a range of possible hats. Early on, we really liked the idea of Scout having her own modern version of Yen Sid's iconic hat.

Scout Concept Process

Here's some of the concept process behind the creation of Scout for Fantasia: Music Evolved.

The team wanted to have a wayward apprentice character which the player would be tasked with finding and then collaborating with to save the day.

Scout is the previous apprentice who, despite being incredibly talented, grew impatient with her studies and absconded with the magic imbued in the Sorcerer's Hat. By the time the player reaches her, a negative force called "The Noise" has spread throughout the worlds of Fantasia and she quickly agrees to help the player rid the worlds of this scourge.

In addition to concepting the character, I also created all of the high and low-poly models, textures, and materials used in-game.

More artwork
Shawn witt concerthallShawn witt justcardsShawn witt sword fullconcept