Dance Central Spotlight Character Art
Shawn witt dcs tayeandemilia

Taye and Emilia

Shawn witt dcs glitchandbodie

Bodie and Glitch

Shawn witt dcs aubrey

Aubrey - The transparency on her blouse is actually a shader trick blending between two color maps according to a fresnel mask.

Shawn witt dcs mo


Shawn witt uber screencap

Special unlockable dance suits.

Shawn witt uber full

Here's the full crew. We ended up changing the designs of these unlock outfits before shipping the game to avoid being confused with an existing IP.

Dance Central Spotlight Character Art

Here's a bunch of characters I built for Dance Central Spotlight (2014). It was an incredibly short dev cycle (around 6 months), and the art team consisted of one person per sub-discipline, if not one person shared with another project/sub-discipline. I modeled and textured all of the main characters save for Taye. For her, I modeled the body and blocked out the clothing basemeshes before she was finished up by my buddy Mitchell Fletcher.

More artwork
Shawn witt derek thumbnail 02Shawn witt bloodstone substanceShawn witt wesjacket 02