Fantasia: Music Evolved Realms
Shawn witt underwater 01

The Shoal

Shawn witt underwater 01 closeup 02

The Shoal (Detail)

Shawn witt forest 01

The Hollow (Detail)

Shawn witt factory 01

The Press

Shawn witt underwater 02

The Shadows

Shawn witt factory 02

The Plant

Shawn witt city 02

The Neighborhood

Fantasia: Music Evolved Realms

Here are a collection of screencaps of vignette-like "Realms" in Fantasia" Music Evolved. The contents of these images is the result of the hard work of many artists, both in-house at Harmonix and outsourced. My role on this project was Lead Character Artist, but was also expanded during the project to oversee all models and textures, including environment assets. In this capacity, I worked with the art team to define a production art style to be employed across a wide variety of worlds including underwater reefs, futuristic factories, urban cityscapes, and many more. Once the style was established, I worked with the in-house art staff and a large group of outsource artists to maintain the agreed upon vision.

More artwork
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