Rock Band 4 Assorted 3D Work
Shawn witt rb4 fullchar

A full character consisting of assets I built.

Shawn witt rb4 hex

Here are just a few of the hipoly heads I sculpted for the character creator.

Shawn witt headtopology

In-game head topology. We shared topology for all heads.

Shawn witt arm

In-game, wireframe, and hipoly arm model.

Shawn witt rb4 jeans

Vintage jeans in-game mesh and wireframe.

Shawn witt rb4 leatherjacket

Leather motorcycle jacket in-game mesh and wireframe.

Shawn witt rb4 hairtest

Early hair tests. We transitioned from a chunky volumetric style to alpha planes for RB4.

Shawn witt vaultsuit enginescreencaps 01

In-game vault suit screencap. The pip-boy was whipped up by my colleague Eric Camara.

Shawn witt vaultsuit female front back

Female Vault Suit

Shawn witt vaultsuit male front back

Male Vault Suit

Rock Band 4 Assorted 3D Work

Here's a collection of 3D work from my time on Rock Band 4. We built a new set of character assets from scratch in a very limited amount of time. It was also the studio's first project utilizing physically-based rendering.

Towards the end of the project, I had the opportunity to sculpt a Rock Band take on a Fallout 4 Vault Suit, which was super fun. It was released in a free content update shortly after launch.

More artwork
Shawn witt derek thumbnail 02Shawn witt bloodstone substanceShawn witt bandselfie thumb